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Virtual football has become a popular version of football. It can now be found on every bookie that provides sport betting events. Although it has become very popular, not everyone actually knows the true meaning of virtual football.
What is Virtual Football?
Virtual football is a programmable software version of the real football. Virtual football is not played by human beings, but all the trends and features that occur in real football are incorporated by the software programmers. In a more common sense, we can simply say that virtual football is computer games. It is mostly indicated in written language as vfl (virtual football league).

Virtual and real football has many similarities and a few dissimilarities. We already know that virtual football is an imitation of real football. At such, the programmers of the software tries to make it have everything that the real football has.
Below are some of the areas that are common to both Virtual and Real football
(1). Occurrence of Trends: In both virtual and real football, all teams participating must win, draw and lose matches in every season.  There are times when the teams will lose and pick forms.  A popular trend of winning, drawing and losing streaks also happens in both versions of Football.
(2). Strong and Weak Teams: Strong teams in Real football do not end any season at the bottom of the league table. This fact also occurs in virtual football.
(3). Equal Number of Matches: The teams participating in both real and virtual football always plays the same number of matches for both home and away.
(4). Existence of League Tables: There are league tables in both virtual and real football. The league tables shows the points and positions of all the teams playing in the leagues. These tables give good information that can help bettors trade profitably.
The following are some of the differences between Virtual and Real Football  
(1). Time Cycle: In real football, a full season can take number of months to complete. On the other hand, it takes just few hours in virtual football. A week of play (Match Day) in virtual, can last between 30 seconds and 5 minutes, depending on the type of virtual football. In a day, more than a thousand matches are played in virtual football. In real Football, only few matches are played on any match day.
(2). Match Results: The final results of matches in real football can be affected by some circumstances such as injury to players, red cards, weather conditions, postponement of matches, match fixing, etc. On the other hand, the results in virtual football cannot be affected by such factors, because it has been programmed to run automatically. The number of goals in virtual football does not exceed certain figures (e.g. - 3, 4, 6 or 8 goals), but in real football the total number of goals in matches can increase above that found in virtual football.
(3). Players involved: Let me repeat it here again that virtual football outcomes are generated by random selections. In real football, there are real players that play the matches.

There are many types of virtual football found on various bookies. The different kinds of virtual football are characterized by unique features such as number of participating teams, time duration for each match days, available market options, etc.
In real football, there many types of football competitions like League matches, World cup, Nations Cup, EURO Cup, Champions League, EUFA, etc. All these competitions also have their virtual versions on various bookies.
Some Popular types of virtual football include the following:
(1). Virtual Champions League
(2). Virtual World Cup
(3). Virtual Europa League
(4). Virtual African cup of Nations
(5). Virtual 1X2 Soccer
(6). Virtual Football League
(7). Virtual English Premiership, etc

Can someone actually make any profits by trading on virtual games? The answer to this question is YES, depending on the knowledge of the virtual football trader. In this book, I will show you exactly the strategies that I used in Generating good profits from virtual football trading. You will discover that you will be making huge income by following my blueprint (examples).
On the other hand, let me warn you that betting on virtual football games can make you lose your investment, especially if you bet it without any good betting strategy.
Apart from having your money at risk in virtual trading, another disadvantage is that you may be addicted. In other to overcome this, always set out time for each day’s trading and stop when the time is right.
Now, that we have known what virtual football means, let me introduce you to the things that you will need in other to trade virtual football successfully as we progresses.
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